The School conducts number of courses in a year with a duration varying between 4 to 22 weeks. Details are as under:-
Officers Courses
Mid Career Courses              
20 weeks duration (6 weeks Junior Staff Course, 13 weeks tactics leg and 1 week Nuclear Biological and Chemical DefenceTraining)
Young Officers  Courses  
Weapons Portion
9 weeks (4 weeks Small Arms, and 5 weeks Heavy Weapon Course)
Tactical Portion
12 weeks (8 weeks Basic Infantry
Course for Infantry and Other Arm officers,5 weeks Advance Infantry Course for Infantry Officers only)
Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) Courses
Junior Non Commissioned Officers  13 weeks (4 weeks weapon,9 weeks tactical portion) 
Anti Tank Guided Missile Course
6 weeks
Advance Leadership Course
8 weeks
Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence Instructors Course
4 weeks
Combined Courses
6 weeks (Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers, Non Commissioned Officers)
Sniper Course
4 weeks (Officers and Non Commissioned Officers)
Specialized Courses
United Nations Peace Keeping Course  
6 weeks
In situ training (2 x weeks) of units earmarked for United Nations Peace Keeping at their respective locations.